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Brazil’s Next 10 Hottest Business Cities

REVISED 2013 EDITION – No doubt the biggest and most important business centres of Brazil are the megacities of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Further afield, most other state capitals full fill their role as the country’s other main economic centres: Belo Horizonte, Salvador da Bahia, Recife, Fortaleza, Curitiba and Porto Alegre. These are the cities that are dominating Brazil’s economic development. On top of that most of these capitals will be in the world’s spotlight as host cities of the 2014 World Cup and one, Rio, will even host the Olympic Games of 2016.

But Brazil is big and there are plenty of other fast developing cities that have become important business hubs over the years and will be ever more important in the future. They did not get there with soccer tournaments or because held their state’s government, but by generating strong growth in private sectors such as agribusiness, oil & gas, industries, IT and ports & logistics.

Readers of Brazil Weekly have been asked to give their opinion about the order of importance of these next big business cities in a poll that ran throughout the past year. Well, here they are, lined up after your interests and voting. So for a minute forget São Paulo, Rio and those other 2014 World Cup host cities, as here come Brazil’s Next 10 Hottest Business Cities… Read on at Rotterdam Week.

  1. What about Curitiba?

    • Well, in the intro we said this was not about state capitals :)
      Curitiba is definitely one of Brazil’s main business cities, but not on this list…
      Kind regards,

  2. The article is great and I’m very happy to see my city Joinville in there! The IT development here is a reality.
    But just one thing,don’t know if the population numbers are not all correct. Where did you get them?

    • Hi Lucas, most of the figures for metro areas are IBGE for 2009 or 2010 rounded off a bit higher because of supposed growth since that year.
      City pop. figures are from Wiki or this year’s (2012) edition of Guia4Rodas.
      Which ones are not right you think?
      Kind regards

      • Interesting, according to the 2010 Census Londrina have 503.701 and
        Uberlandia 604.013, it’s such a huge growth don’t you think? That’s why I’m not sure if the data is right. In Joinville’s case I think is right, because in 2010 we had 515.000.

      • Thannks Lucas, we have corrected the figures of the two cities you mentioned.

  3. What about Caxias do Sul? It’s a huge metal/mecanic centre.

  4. Great article, thanks for sharing. This goes way deeper than my article about doing business in Brazil. So exciting to see all the growth in South America.

    Daniela Louzada Esteves
    International Copywriter

  5. Excellent article prompting people to think about these important and dynamic cities. Inevitably the usual focus is on Rio and São Paulo but these are all exciting places. Campinas is particularly interesting and São José dos Campos also has great potential. Sadly, I went to Ribeirão Preto and did not visit Pinguim. Definitely a good excuse to go back!

    Ralph Ashenhurst

  6. Pity ! You guys forgot Rio Grande, the new naval and offshore construction valley.

  7. What about Belem ? Manaus? Porto Alegre? Sao Luis? Recife?

  8. How about anapolis goias?

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